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Share satellite dish with neighbours in Spain


For many people who wish to receive Satellite television, sharing with your neighbours will reduce cost for each householder. Depending on how the properties or urbanisation has been set out, it can be possible to connect direct neighbours, skip a few houses down the street or even connect the entire road.  

Using solely a different type of LNB will allow up to 4 separate people to be connected off one dish. On certain dishes an 8 way model is available.

To connect to more than 4 people with good stability requires additional equipment, which will allows 4, 8, 16 or even an entire community can share off a single dish, without reducing signal quality.
Without any form of ongoing monthly subscription payments  you can receive over 250 satellite Free to air English language channels. You will get the same original quality of picture & sound as you would in the UK - HD, dolby surround etc. For those that have Sky in the UK, it is also possible to receive these channels in Spain.

Shared dish for 4 neighbours

Example  - 1.40 metre high gain satellite dish with.Upgrade to Quad output LNB.

Total cost for 4 neighbours sharing a dish  using dish size above, would be between €250-€350 per household depending on dish size & includes satellite receiver.

This is example is based on properties in close proximity to each other, such as quad properties. Sharing a smaller dish would reduce costs further.

You can connect as many local community members off a dish as you require -  8, 16, 32 or an entire community.   

Above - Very colourful, though sharing a single dish would have been less clutter & considerably cheaper.

We offer a no obligation site survey for neighbours sharing & community installations.
For apartment blocks or larger installations, please review  Community installations

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