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Please note Television Technology do not offer rebroadcast services this page is for information purposes only.
Rebroadcasting - Torresat, Simulsat, Teleast, Superbeam, Swiss Cable, Solaris, Telmicro, Azuretel, Surpris, RTN Network, DVBlabs




Comparable TV System Costs
With a satellite system, free to air, is exactly that. You pay for the installation of suitably sized satellite dish (different in Spain to UK) to receive a direct signal from the satellite, in original format & digital quality. Any content that is receivable and unencrypted is available to watch, for free & legally outside of the UK.

Rebroadcasting services - Ongoing subscription based service. With a typical single user, microwave rebroadcast fees vary from around €20 to €30 per month - annually between €240 - €350 per year. This cost is every year on a continual basis & does not include any initial installation costs charged or in most cases ownership of hardware.
This is not economical long term, given the comparative of a superior quality satellite system would pay for itself in full within 12-18 months, with no ongoing costs.
A free to air satellite system will give you years of service, is fully upgradeable for premium content type content and there is no need to pay an annual subscription to receive the most popular free to air UK channels..

You cannot be switched off with a satellite system, this is the only method of receiving legal English language from the main broadcasters within Spain, Costa Blanca & Calida.
If sharing the dish with a neighbour or you are part of a community where a few users can connect then individual costs can reduce to around that of a single years rebroadcast subscription fees, with no further or ongoing payments.


Rebroadcasting vs Satellite TV - what are the technical differences?
Aside from the reduced ongoing financial costs of owning your own system, the main differences are between the reception of satellite & microwave rebroadcast or internet television, is one of variety of channels, quality of picture & audio.

Providing a suitable size satellite dish is utilised, you can receive a standard definition or high definition picture using the appropriate satellite receiver. audio is also Dolby digital, so programs or films with surround sound can be linked to suitable television or multi speaker Dolby Digital 5.1 or 7.1 full surround sound amplification.

Rebroadcasting microwave signals and IPTV or internet television involves compression of the signal due to limited bandwidth of redistribution, this facilitates the requirement to reduce the resolution, giving a lower screen resolution than standard definition picture, rebroadcast services do not show High Definition, 3D TV or Dolby Digital sound.
Channel selection is also limited due to the restricted bandwidth. Satellite receivers have no such issues with bandwidths and ultimately are capable of picking up 1000's more channels & new free to air channels are being added all the time, all of which can be picked up simply by rescanning your satellite receiver periodically.On UK programming alone of the Astra 28.2 satellites, you would receive over 250 channel of free to air content.
A satellite system is simply direct from the satellite, a rebroadcast or internet streaming system is reliant upon a third party providing an illegal service by taking the satellite signals and resending them out in a changed / compressed format, then charging the end user for free to air content.

Rebroadcasting via Microwave & local cable
For many years in popular expatriate locations companies supplied UK terrestrial television, through the method of rebroadcasting. This has been in many high density UK expatriate locations, including; Costa Blanca, Costa Calida & Costa del Sol.
This method works by the rebroadcasting company receiving a signal from Astra 28.2 degrees East via a satellite dish . Once this signal has been received it is then compiled, decoded, compressed and rebroadcast through local microwave emitting antenna, or in certain areas through a local cable system.
This has been around for over 15 years in some locations. Of recent times there have been many issues & attempted prosecutions surrounding this type of service. One continuing issue has been that of reception and reliability / stability -  however the most noted issues being these companies rebroadcasting and decoding / decrypting subscription content from other service providers such as Sky, BBC, ITV etc with no permissions or contracts in place. This is an ongoing issue as UK & EU law are not in agreement with this as it is defined as intellectual copyright theft.  
Channels such as Gol, History, Bio, Natura, Discovery are pay per view content only and are being redistributed without consent or license from original broadcaster - these and other channels may be withdrawn from service without prior warning. 
Combined with other licensing and fiscal issues, has led to closures of 3 rebroadcast companies. If you wish to review newspaper articles & more information on rebroadcasting companies, please click here

Rebroadcast television - Updates of English television in the press.
January 2013 - Torresat / Ole to face €600,000 fine from the hacienda.
A new mess that is involved council woman Meroño pilareña Josefa, this time in clear conflict with a more powerful enemy of all those fronts has opened, nothing less than the tax office, which claims thousands of euros.
The agency under the Ministry of Economy has launched several measures of lien against the property you own one of the companies linked to the mayor of Pilareña Union, member of the governing Popular Party mayor, Fidel Ros. In total he claims the payment of an amount of 602,182 euros.

The regional unit of the tax revenue in Cartagena in February decreed recently completed two proceedings against Torresat, as the company has its registered office in the town of Murcia. In each creditor claims as to the commercial for two different concepts, real and personal property with which to meet the defaults that comprise the revenue body.
Both notifications also be noted that having been notified of the measures of constraint and debts included within the period of admission without this was made by declaring that the goods seized to the SATA consist, in charge of constraint, default interest and costs. So things are pending in the commercial concept of "governmental fines and penalties" two similar quantities for two fiscal years, the 2010 and 2011, both for an identical amount of 288,000 euros, to which must be added a further 357 euros for default interest and other 25 466 for the same concept.
Specifically the Tax Office acts against several properties whose ownership rests with the company, which added five diverse. These parking spaces located in the town of Torrevieja, in one of the most popular developments in the city of salt, which are located four foreclosed properties. The fifth is a plot of 32 square meters is located in another residence in Torrevieja.

But the order of attachment of the tax on the garage and the lot does not meet the outstanding debt of six hundred thousand euros, so the state agency acted against movable office of the company to complete the amount to pay. In this case the material is of the broadcaster since the delegation cartagenera recorded in the attachment proceeding that have been recorded by a telecommunications expert to know the value, amounting to 420,000 euros, which also faces punishment.
The deputy mayor pilareña has become dotted with several controversies in which is involved in his dual officeholder and businesswoman. The last one is the paralysis of wiring you tried on the eve of Christmas Eve ditches that paralyzed the Orihuela Town Planning Department, to detect six kilometers of pipeline had no municipal license.
It also has the PSOE pilareño complaints for having allegedly placed cameras to monitor from an apartment property in and out of their homes in the former mayor Ignacio Ramos and Councilman Thomas Antonio Saura.

March 2012

[08/03/2012] Source


According to municipal officers for four years the trade has been opening more than 6 ½ miles of ditches in Playa Flamenca vials without permission.

The Town Planning in the city of Orihuela, Antonio Zapata, announced today the stay on the coast of the wiring installation work of a local television that he had no work permits.

According to Zapata, the Orihuela Town Hall has not, nor has consisted ever requested such television or permissions to perform this work and the required license to operate in the municipality, however, and as the municipal officers for four years open more than 6 km-road ditches in Playa Flamenca.

For the Town Planning, the worst part is that behind the business "Olé Telecommunications" and "Torresatelit TV" promoting the local television committed illegalities detected, the mayor is alleged defector from the PSOE and Pilar de la Horadada First Deputy Mayor in the current corporation chaired by the PP in this town, Pepa Meroño.

In fact, when the local police came to stop the works, among workers who were identified was the immediate family of Meroño.


The owner Pepa (deputy mayor) has also been denounced by Pilar De
La Horadada for using a council owned tower for Ole without
permission,this could be more serious as she is the Counciler for "new
technologies" in Pilar and the Guardia are persuing this as it "abuse of
El Mundo

The mayor of Orihuela City Council Planning, Antonio Zapata (PSOE), has publicly denounced the location and development of the illegal activity of five antennas in Orihuela Costa.

Specifically, Zapata has accused the councilman of New Technologies of the City of Pilar de la Horadada, Josefa Meroño (Pilareña Union) to permit the company tower Satellite installation of such antennas and the development of their business.

According to Zapata, "not known to have been applied for the respective environmental permits for the installation of antennas or authorization of the landowner where is".

Therefore, and today, as the mayor announced at a press conference, will open the respective disciplinary proceedings.

"The trouble is that public office is the person exercising such illegal activities," he assured.

A few weeks ago was the very councilor who has already publicly denounced the existence of a trench about six kilometers, apparently illegally, in the same area where such antennas are located.

"I can not understand how a public official of a municipality has moved to the neighboring municipality to dig a trench 6 km, install 5 antennas and mounting a TV which offer content not know why," said Zapata.

The mayor has asked Orihuela Councillor for New Technologies Pilar de la Horadada to "remove these antennas and approaches to the Planning council to try to regularize them."

In fact, if this action is not carried out, Zapata has indicated its intention to consider other options driven by the session Orihuela, such as sealing or cessation of emissions, and even brought to the court in such activities.

"I can not consent to distribute content across TV, internet and unaware of what they are," he concludes.

It was the Planning Department and, specifically, the brigade of urban disciplines which have found such antennas.

This department is expected to begin a thorough inspection to determine the total number of antennas installed in the municipality and leaking municipal control.

On the other hand, this medium has tried to contact the councilor, Josefa Meroño, who, through the press office of the Municipality of Pilar de la Horadada, has refused to make statements on this matter found it in the hands of justice .

Brigade Activities Orihuela Town Planning Department has identified at least five antennas that broadcast television signals or the Internet on the coast and do not have any permit, license or environmental activity. Not that these permits the rejection, is that you never got to ask, and it is unknown how long these repeaters are operating with no record at City Hall.

The Town Planning, Antonio Zapata, the finding made public yesterday and charged inks against Pilareña Union councilor and deputy mayor in Pilar de la Horadada (a few days mayor of New Technologies), Pepa Meroño, being the owner Company "Torresatélite" that claim ownership of the antennas. At the same commodity at the same Meroño blamed for a month after opening a trench four miles along the Orihuela Costa to bury a cable television also illegal.

Zapata was outraged that "someone thought that the term of Orihuela is a virgin, just below the forest, and you can install an unlicensed activity and profit benefits without impact on the municipality." He added, "I have no interest in going against certain people, but we are talking again Meroño Pepa, how bad is that those exercising these activities is a public official who knows his duties."

Zapata insisted that "I can not understand how the deputy mayor of a municipality comes into the neighboring municipality to make a trench and put five antennas without permission, mounted a television whose contents do not know if they are legal."

From Planning has begun for disciplinary and values ​​go to court to file a complaint. In parallel, we are studying how to force the disconnection of these antennas (precintarlas or cut the power supply are some of the options), which are located on private property in buildings Vistamar II in La Regia, El Faro, Orihuela, a workshop and Campoamor Dehesa dealer or mall Pigeon Shooting in Villamartin, according to the mayor.

To install you need the permission of land owners, who now heads the City Council to clarify how long are running (it is possible, he acknowledged, "that the work of installation is required, but activity is still there").

Meroño as Councilman Orihuela, Urbanism has not contacted to try to regularize the situation of the trench reported for weeks, "not even to apologize."

Urban will return to drive the antenna ordinance that left the PP slope of the allegations. "We will take it to heart to regulate such matters, because we found five antennas but there will be more throughout the term." In fact, only been detected by observing the Brigade Activities, created earlier this year by the mayor.

Finally, the councilor Meroño yesterday did not rule on the complaint of Urbanism.

February 2012 - Superbeam office closes Quesada (transmission currently remains?)

November 2010 - Superbeam's Cabo Roig office has closed down & ceased transmission to many existing customers in the area.

Aug 2010 - After citing illegal closure previously, the rebroadcast company Telmicro has resurfaced again. There are still no permissions from BBC, ITV and any of the broadcasters from the UK for the re-encryption and redistribution of their channels and intellectual property.

Feb 2010 - Local company, based in Torrevieja 'name withheld due to legal reasons', offered main UK terrestrial programming via rebroadcasting through the Intelsat 905 satellite. This service was offered without the knowledge of the satellite owners. Once this was found to be the case, the service ceased transmitting. All subcribers lost service and installation fees.
December 2009 - Simulsat, which are in service, begin encrypting channels. For those that were receiving Simulsat rebroadcast service for free - this is no longer the case and an ongoing monthly subscription fee will be required. Full encryption for this service begins Christmas 2009

Friday, 07 August 2009  Sat TV pirates nicked
By Dave Jamieson - Costa Blanca News Friday August 7th 2009.

A NUMBER of Britons are amongst 60 people arrested across Spain as part of a National Police crackdown on the redistribution of pirated television transmissions.
Hotel directors and community presidents have been allegedly involved in a fraud estimated to run into millions of euros.
Financial administrators and commercial operators have also been detained while two illegal cable television  
businesses which supplied pirated pay-TV signals for a monthly fee have been closed.
One in Sevilla had a client base of almost 1,300 while another in Tenerife serviced around 3,000 homes. Other similar businesses were identified along the Costas, while urbanisations and hotels which distributed signals illegally to residents and clients have also been targeted.
For the first time in Spain, the administrators of an Internet site have been arrested on charges of illegally rebroadcasting pay-TV channels on a website.
The programmes, mainly football matches, were taken from Spanish and Arab satellite broadcasters.
Of particular interest to investigators were the companies advertising to the British population in Spain and offering pay-TV channels from the UK. National Police say that thousands of fraudulent contracts have been issued by such companies to their customers and millions of euros have been taken in fees.
Hundreds of satellite television decoders and smart cards were seized during the operation, along with the equipment necessary to redistribute the illegal signals. The operation involved the National Police bases in 17 areas of Spain from Madrid to the Canary Islands and from Barcelona down to the Costa del Sol.

A second rebroadcaster - Solaris, has been declared illegal on 17th March 2009 and had all equipment confiscated, with 7 arrests being made. This has left 15,000 people without any television as well  losing their installation fees of up to €890. Full article link Round Town News April 3rd 2009.

7 August Costa Blanca News, 60 further arrests regarding illegally rebroadcasted content - full article (PDF).

Latest from Valancian News 21 - 3 - 2009 

Brits detained

Seven British people -four men and three women - have been detained in Los Montesinos and Orihuela-Costa for offering illegal TV services to over seven thousand clients - the majority of whom were fellow countrymen in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia, charging fifteen Euros monthly and an 890 Euros installation fee. Sources in the Guardia Civil have revealed that according to first estimates, the fraud committed by the group could be as high as thirty million Euros in unpaid rights and taxes.
After the arrests, police confiscated 90,000 Euros in cash, computer equipment, signal decoders and transmission equipment with a value of over half a million Euros. The investigations started last August, when members of the Corps noticed that near the home of the one of the detainees there was an extremely powerful set of parabolic antennas, allowing the capture of several British-based satellite TV channels, that were then decoded and distributed amongst clients on the coast between Torrevieja in Alicante Province and San Pedro del Pinatar in Murcia Province.
The police allege that the organization operated fraudulently, the company was not registered in Spain, no payments were made to Social Security as the law requires, whilst rights to the signal that was captured, decoded and re-broadcast to clients in fact was owned by other companies including Spain and UK. Full newspaper article link.

Still no word from Telmicro Round Town News  19 - 8 - 2008

Not surprisingly, our open invitation to Telmicro Levante to speak to us regarding the dire situation that it has found itself in, went unanswered. Here at Round Town News we are still being inundated with e-mails and telephone calls from disgruntled customers and have spent the week getting various statements in order so that we can tell you, our readers, the best course of action; a legal way to get British TV here in Spain. As we told you last week, we have contacted many companies in both the UK and here in Spain so that we can determine exactly what is the best and legal way to receive TV and what isn’t.

As we confirmed at the time, the crux of the whole issue is that Telmicro Levante S.L. were re-broadcasting British TV. Basically, they were using the mesh dishes to receive a signal that was itself being received via a larger dish. The signals were transmitted all over the Southern Costa Blanca and as this is illegal, the authorities shut them down. It is believed that they will be also targeting other companies doing this in the near future. Through our investigations, we have confirmed that the only legal way to get British TV is to buy a satellite dish that is large enough to receive the signal directly from the satellite that is in orbit. This has been confirmed by the Telecommuncations Ministry in Madrid.


Friday 12 - 9 - 2008   Costa Blanca News
DESPITE explicit statements from BBC, Sky and ITV, rebroadcasting of some of their channels continues in the northern Costa Blanca.

Following Guardia Civil action taken against Torrevieja-based Telmicro several weeks ago, nearly all rebroadcasting companies switched to free-to-air channels.

Costa Blanca News last week received public statements from BBC and Sky explaining that currently no company in Spain has been authorised to rebroadcast their channels, and that doing so without pe
rmission could lead to legal action.

CBNews received a
similar statement from a spokesman for ITV plc who said: “We do not have any sort of agreement in place.
“If an operator in Spain wanted to broadcast our channels there they would have to enter into a contractual agreement with us.”

But despite these clear statements, some rebroadcasting companies have waited for the dust to settle and are rebroadcasting BBC, Sky and ITV stations once again.

CBNews contacted several of the rebroadcasting companies to clarify the situation, but nobody was available to comment and despite leaving several messages, no one has returned the calls.

Customers approached by CBN say they had received the same response.

Sources consulted by CBNews strongly recommend that, when subscribing to one of these services, customers demand to know exactly which channels the company has the right to rebroadcast and be aware of those that could be switched off without warning.