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What satellite dish size?  Costa Blanca & Costa Calida.
UK Satellites Astra 2E, 2F & 2G + European satellites
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Below channel information is based on the reception of satellite signal in the Costa Blanca South and Costa Calida. Please contact us  for more specific information on the most suitable dish size for your location.

UK TV reception, Costa Blanca & Costa Calida 


All satellite dishes supplied by Television Technology are superior gain models.


There are other dishes available which are either budget or economy (though may not be sold or listed as such). We do not supply these due to inferior signal gain levels.


All LNB's supplied are also paired with specific dish model to offer the best performance available.


Segmented or 'multi panel' models we do not supply due to poor performance in comparison to single piece models.




Dish sizes


0.90 cm - 1.20 metre dish.


Not suitable for UK 'spot beam' terrestrial channels (BBC, ITV etc).


French, German, Italian, Spain, Dutch & Polish television can be obtained from a dish of this size on satellites Astra 19.2 east & 23.5 east.


Suitable for reception of UK 'pan European beam only' TV on  Astra European beam 2E, 2F & 2G. Not suitable for main UK terrestrial content. 



1.35 - 1.40 metre offset dish. Minimum size dish for reception of UK Terrestrial TV in Costa Blanca South. In some areas a slightly larger & different type of dish may be required due to variation in local fringe reception.

1.45 metre prime focus dish. Suitable for UK spot & Euro beam reception from satellites Astra 2E, 2F & 2G. All UK terrestrial & HD channels.
1.86 - 1.90 metre prime focus dish. For high stability reception. Highest overall performance including all HD channels in most locations within the Costa Blanca &  Costa Calida. Suitable for neighbours sharing & can be used for community installations.
2.40 - 3.10 metre prime focus dishes. Suitable for the weaker areas of Costa Blanca South / Calida & large community installations.
Performance quoted on single panel prime focus and offset dishes, using superior grade LNB's.
Need local information? Costa Blanca Forum