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Sky in Spain - Costa Blanca, Costa Calida



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UK Sky Digi boxes - Pace, Thompson & Amstrad - do function in Spain, but do not  perform exactly the same way as they do in the UK.


Sky + HD user manual


One example is for those who have Sky cards in the UK. These cards will not record in a  different Sky HD + box in Spain. To record the card needs to be subcribed to the individual receiver.




Can I receive Sky in Spain?


Yes. Signal is available from Astra 2E, Astra 2F & 2G. Within Costa Blanca & Costa Calida reception of most channels are available with a satellite dish between 1.10 - 1.90 metres depending on location.  


Should you have an active Sky subscription, this card will only work in the Sky box it is originally paired to for some channels, for example the reception of Sky sports.  


If your Sky box appears with a message of 'no signal', do not automatically believe this to be the case, as the majority of the time the issue is down to the Sky box, not the signal itself. 70% of service calls we receive are related to faulty or misleading Sky box messages - free to air receivers designed to work world wide do not have the software issues mentioned on this page.




What Sky boxes perform well in Spain


Older receivers that perform well in the weaker signal areas of Spain, include the Pace 430N & 2600, however this equipment in some instances these receivers can be over 10 years old, which in electronic terms of this type of equipment is potentially problematic & may have some software or reliability issues. Sky do not send out software updates over the air for older models. 


Most of the modern HD sky receivers have similar performance tuners, so you should not see any real differences in performance for the later / latest generation of Sky boxes.



Some channels which are available in Spain, may not be shown on the Sky main program guide and you may wish to add certain channels. To do so, press 'services button', ok followed by 'system setup', o.k followed by 'Add channels'. All channel frequencies can be found on this Link
o.k followed by 'Add channels'. All channel frequencies can be found on this Link




Advantages of Sky box in Spain


Familiarity of menu system


7 day program guide


You can use as free to air receiver



Disadvantages of Sky boxes


If using as a Free to air receiver, certain channels will not be listed in the main TV guide. You will need to add and view through 'services' other channels. Channels scanned in would then show up in the other channels menu - not the main channel menu. These include some regional programming. You cannot record these even with an active Sky card.


Cannot alter the channel order of the main menu.


Designed only to read Astra 2 E, F & G satellites, cannot be used in motorised system or to view  broadcasting on any another satellites.


Can only use Sky cards, other service providers Conax or Irdeto encrypted cards are not suitable for the Sky receivers.


On certain models, if there is a power cut (common in Spain) then some Sky receivers default to UK / Eire transponder settings - 'no signal' will appear on screen until transponder setting altered back in installers menu. Fix below.


Sky receivers work differently to most other satellite receivers. They need to see a frequency data stream for the 7 day epg & if they do not see this correctly or in a strong enough fashion then it will lead to a reduced epg service as well as problems accessing the red button services & series link. This also leads to the 'no signal' message - which is incorrect as signal is present.
These frequencies are on 11778 Vertical & 12207 V. 
If you are using receiver for the reception of free to air content, you may find a satellite receiver which is designed to work world wide may be more suitable for your application & will not have operational issues specific to UK Sky boxes.

Satellite receiver guide

 Sky HD+ using with single cable feed
Sky HD+ boxes are designed to be used with two cable feeds. If you have a single cable feed and box is not set correctly, you may experience problem with receiver booting or 'no signal' error as shown below. In order to set single cable feed mode please follow this link to instruction PDF



Sky box has 'No signal'   


Unplug box from the mains supply leave for for a few seconds


Plug the box back into the mains


Turn the box on with the remote - until the box shows a green light, not a red one. Can take a few seconds to respond when booting up after re plugging into mains



Press the Services Button


On an older model non HD receiver


Key in quickly 4, 0, 1 and Select. This should give you the installers menu



On SKY + HD receiver


Sky + HD or Sky HD boxes, press 'services button' then 0, 0, 1 then' select' button. This needs to be done quickly. If done correctly you will see 'Tx Ponder'. Option at top of the screen on 2nd tab to right hand side. This is a hidden installers menu and the numbers need to typed in quickly. If you do not see the 'Tx Ponder' after doing the first time, press back up and try again - most do not do on their first attempt!


Press 2 - Default Transponder option. IN HD boxes you should see option 'Tx Ponder'.



Select the Frequency (GHz) box line and type in 11778). 11778 default is now much stronger than previously due to change of new Astra satellites, should not really need to change this, unless issue locally or reception wise. If you cannot get reception with 11778 (which should be the case), then you can try 12207.



Scroll down and select Polarization. This should show V. There are only two choices, V and H.  If necessary, change by pressing the right key (to the right of Select) on your remote. As standard you should only need to change the top number.



Scroll down to Save New Settings,  Press Green to do this, then press Select. This will return you to the Installers Menu.



Press Back Up twice. Your screen should now display 'searching for listings'.



Press 'back up' & then TV guide & select channel - try 516 on Sky + HD (Sky news) or 501 on old Sky box - this is the same frequency as epg 12207 (at time of writing).



If you have periodic power cuts and wish to continue to use your Sky box then we recommend the use of a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) which will keep power to the receiver during the power cut - stopping the box defaulting to its UK / Eire settings. Alternatively a non Sky free to air receiver designed to work world wide, will avoid this issue as they do not need a epg data stream to lock onto, as does the Sky box / system.




Regional settings with Sky boxes


Sky boxes are designed for the UK. When set up in the UK they have regional settings installed. BBC, ITV & channel 5 have regional setting, which broadcast on different frequencies.  ITV HD is one example of where reception is available, but not on all ITV HD frequencies. To review options available and to use to scan in to 'other channels' on your Sky box, please review link below.

Free to air satellite receivers work differently and do not need to see the Sky guide 11778 frequency to to boot (as the Sky box do) and also will allow you to scan in all regions and have them together on the same program guide. If using for free to air reception, we generally recommend the use of an FTA receiver as will allow more flexibility in reception terms and unlike UK Sky, which will need an active Sky card to record - FTA receivers do not.

Satellite receivers