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Mar Menor 2 Golf Resort  - Polaris World UK & community TV 
UK & Multi lingual TV available without community network.   Individual & shared dishes, IPTV.
Currently the community of Mar Menor Golf resort 2, does not have a fully fledged community television system.
This is due to the current legal process between the community PWT /A2Z is likely to take a reasonable period of time to resolve. This is over ownership of communal cables.
In the interim period administrator Mare Nostrum is allowing the use of direct reception with legal to use satellite dishes. This is for both UK TV & multilingual programming.
Satellite dishes can be installed on villas, providing a similar reception & quality to that received in the UK & other European countries (German, French, Dutch, Belgium, Polish & others) with all the free to air channel programming available from a single payment non subcription system.
Other solutions are available for European programming, including IPTV - internet television solutions. More on IPTV
For those in apartment blocks for the benefit of the community, it is actively encouraged to share dishes, as a single dish can provide reception from between a single user, to everyone in the apartment block.
Currently there are a number of community members within apartment blocks that we have installed either a UK based or multilingual system for, who are happy to share with any others within their apartment block that wishes to connect.
Systems can be installed as single user & expanded as and when required to accomodate other community members if apartment block does not have a current system in place. This is done with the approval of the existing administration,  Mare Nostrum.