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British IPTV information - Internet Television
English, USA, French, German, Polish, Dutch, American, Swiss, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Romanian, Belgian, Indian & Pakistani.

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We offer different service packages below to suit individual client requirements. 

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BELOW - BEST FOR: Short stays - 'pay as you go' & separate language options.

Premium content packages IPTV click link for main page. 

Pay as you go - minimum 1 month at a time. 

UK terrestrials + Premium Sports, Movies, Documentaries & new 14 day catch up TV. Video on demand, free films & more. 

Includes 2nd subscription to watch anywhere on compatible devices.

Selection of different  packages available for English, Swedish, American Danish, Norwegian & Scandinavian language programming content. 


BEST SELLER: SUITABLE FOR:  3 months + use   Value for money & most content. 

Largest overall selection of channels with terrestrial & premium content. Catch up and over 12,000 frequently updated films & series on demand.

English (Main), USA, French, German, Polish, Dutch, American, Swiss, Italian, Greek  Arabic, Romanian, Belgian, Indian & Pakistani content in a single subscription package. Good for rental properties.   3, 6 & 12 month options. From under €20 per month. Adult content included (optional)

Apps available for Android & Apple devices. Works worldwide - various hardware options.


BELOW - Most economical - UK Terrestrial TV & radio.
Economy Subscription  (click link for main page) + slow speed internet option. All the popular UK terrestrial & radio channels, 7 day catch & & weekly program guide, simple to use. New free video club - free films. From under €13.00 per month with 12 month package. Available with 3, 6 or 12 months options.


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Information on all types of IPTV systems

Internet Speed
In Spain & other parts of Europe, it should not be taken for granted that your local internet speed will suitable for streaming TV. If compared to the UK and other Northern European countries with fibre optic internet, large parts of the telecommunications infrastructure in Spain & other parts of Europe can be slower.
Depending on the speed of your internet, this will impact the picture quality.
Usually between 2 - 2.5 meg stable download speed would be required for good quality SD (though not HD) TV streaming. At this level you will receive at most standard definition television & in some instances slightly higher.
Present forms of encoding used by most service providers use a compression system called H.264 and to receive High Definition using this format speeds of 4-5 Mbps stable download speeds are likely to be required. 

IPTV services - differences.

Unlike satellite TV, IPTV services and providers vary considerably. Both in service selection and stability of service & picture quality.

Free internet streams cannot be guaranteed is available or stable as are not 'paid for' or privately hosted. Often too many people jump on free services / streams - for example during a football game. Outcome is (example) server capacity 1,000 - 10,000 people have joined the stream. Outcome, no matter how fast your internet is, you will see freezing and stuttering pictures. A properly hosted solution will monitor client levels and server capacity, so you have a guaranteed channel list and knowledge of support for a hosted type service. Costs for services will depend on both the level of content supplied as well as the stability of service - there is no industry standard, so services must be judged on both stability as well as content on offer. Little point being able to get 'every channel' as some Kodi / Android / Fire stick sellers offer, if they are unstable streams, you cannot use more often than not. 

A good IPTV service should be easy to use, non technical & provider a straightforward, easy to use service. Devices with multiple applications and free content, can prove complex and unreliable.
Very low internet speed?
New to the market are 'low bandwidth' subscription services. These can work on internet speeds as low as 0.7 meg. This requires specific  decoding and service which not all current equipment offers and would usually require a higher speed for UK TV channel streaming. Not all  hardware presently being sold for IPTV is capable of this as new service.
TV picture quality perfectly viewable on large televisions, however is not as good as faster internet systems or full HD. Low bandwidth system.
Satellite TV vs Internet TV 
With satellite systems, there are no restrictions with bandwidth or internet speeds nor need for the internet itself - though optional for additional functions. 
Satellite technology is a more established service & is in it's original non compressed transmission format. 
Satellite TV is not reliant on the internet for TV reception.
Not all locations overseas can receive UK TV via satellite. In instances such as this IPTV is a practical alternative, as long as internet is available.

IPTV will also allow on demand type service, which if using satellite services in anything other than your home country, are unlikely to be available as will be 'geo blocked'. For example bbc iplayer will not work outside the UK if connected to any standard overseas internet connection. 

What is catch up TV?
This type of service may be familiar to UK users, however those overseas have traditionally been 'locked out' due to geographic regional blocking from UK providers & may be unfamiliar with this type of service.
Certain subscription based IPTV solutions offer catch up TV - this allows you to scroll back through the channel program guide, day, date, then select program, then just watch as if you had recorded.
This allows you freedom from a TV schedule, as there is no need to be in at 8pm to watch Eastenders or your favourite program - you can watch it any time within a 7 day period, without needing to record it. Some set top boxes will also allow you to record or download the programs available.
This in affect is similar to BBC iplayer - which is difficult to receive overseas (without VPN or other workarounds). One benefit being the catch up services are available on many more channels, than just the BBC.
IPTV Systems vs Smart Televisions
IPTV also offers an interesting alternative to Smart Televisions - the subscription free version allowing you to connect to any television & will offer more features and channel reception options at less cost, than any mainstream smart TV. IPTV systems can also be used as a complimentary service to an existing satellite or other TV system to expand overall content & channel viewing options.
For those considering using UK smart televisions in Spain, this will not allow you access to BBC iplayer or the other UK catch up TV services as these are geographically blocked.
As soon as TV is connected to internet in Spain, the Spanish IP address will be detected. This limits many of the functions for expatriate users of smart TV's. There is a 'work around' for this using a UK VPN, combined with a DD-WRT router - in short you would need to spend a reasonable sum of money on top of the smart TV to access this type of additional 'UK specific' content as will require additional equipment (router), subscription (for DD-WRT router UK VPN service) & someone to set this up.
Wi Fi or Cable connection
When trying to obtain the best internet speed possible, there can be speed losses associated with using Wi Fi. This will depend on distance or placement of router, in relation to the IPTV set top box. Losses in speed can be between 10% - 50%. When using IPTV the fastest internet connection possible is the most important factor for picture quality and stability.
We recommend using equipment that can accept a direct hard wire (Cat 5) cable connection - same type as your router / PC. Many 'wireless' IPTV options, simply do not work that well in every type of property. Wi Fi does not travel well through walls or floors, as all properties are different - accurate transmission speeds cannot be guaranteed. 
If it is difficult to get a CAT 5 / Ethernet cable connection, it is also possible to use 'home network plugs,' which send the internet signal around your mains power loop, so you can use these if router on different floor or room, to main television.

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