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Setting up your satellite receiver

All satellite receivers supplied by Television Technology are pre loaded with a channel list & are supplied with connection cable from wall socket to receiver. On HD boxes a separate HDMI cable is also included.

1. Connect additional cable supplied to wall socket. One end of the cable will have a threaded or screw type adapter, this attaches to the 'LNB in' on the satellite receiver, with the other end attaching to the wall socket.

2. Attach receiver to television. If a standard defintion model then attach enclosed scart lead or component leads to satellite receiver output for video lead, with the other end into the television.  If HDMI lead place one end into the receiver and the other into the television.

No signal ?

You need to establish that the television is looking at the satellite receiver as if it is not doing so, then you will get a 'no signal' message.
Modern televisions have a number of different inputs for different equipment.

If pressing 'o.k' button on a satellite receiver when you can see a channel listing, but no picture - this indicates that the TV is set up correctly with the receiver, but you have no signal internally in property.

If you do not see the satellite channel menu on the screen, then yor TV may be not set correctly to see the receiver. Check button on TV remote control; 'Source', 'AV' or 'Input' on the remote control.

If signal not present in house after the above, cable or additional internal modifications will be required. This is the responsibility of the individual community member and an engineer callout will need to be scheduled.

Additional, Twin Tuner & additional room connections will require an need engineer visit.

If original cable is inside property and unmodified and there is no internal equipment in place which interferes with signal - then you will simply need to plug in new receiver and turn on for functionality.

Some properties have existing internal equipment 'splitters' which we have found do reduce signal significantly and can cause a 'no signal' fault. Many different subcontractors were used when installing the original TV equipment, so internal connectors and equipment used differs between properties

If you have followed all the above procedures and find you do have no signal, then please contact us directly to arrange an engineers visit.

Connecting other audiovisual equipment

Satellite receivers supplied by Television Technology (all models) have the ability to record via a USB port on the box itself. If you attach either a USB memory stick or stand alone external PC hard drive, you wil not need any other external equipment to record - including video & DVD recorders. All boxes have a timer to record, please refer to users manual for more information.

There are a number of different ways of connecting both video & DVD players. Ideally use a direct feed from this equipment straight into an available port on the television.

Surround sound amplification. On certain receivers (HD) supplied these have the ability to decode dolby digital surround sound. There are two options with this, which will depend what type of unit you have.

Optical type - Amplifier will have input marked 'optic' or 'optical' connect optical cable from amplifier to satellite receiver, to pass signal through to amplifier.

HDMI type. These are newer models, that are likely to still have optical port as above. You can with these models connect the HDMI from the satellite receiver to the surround sound receiver, you will then have a further output marked 'HDMI' output, which you connect directly to the television - this will carry both the audio and the video.

Channel Reception

There is a difference in channel reception when receiving your own language television in Spain, when the signal is aimed overseas.

Using the instance of English language television, broadcast by the Astra / Eurobird satellites, the signal is aimed of the UK / Eire. Reception in Spain is weaker, which is why larger dishes are required.

Even using larger dishes 1.9 to 3.1 metres and over -  some frequencies still are a  weak in Spain. Frequencies / Channels on the periphery of reception can also be affected by the time of year & poor weather conditions. Reception will also vary considerably upon your location within Spain.

Frequency changes affecting channel loss.

Satellite channel frequency updates

Any main system fault or signal loss failure is usually obvious as there will be a large percentage of channels lost. 

If one or two channels are missing, this may then indicate the channel may have changed frequency.

If television service provider changes the satellite transponder & corresponding frequency this will lead to what appears to be channel loss. The channel number will be on the satellite receiver, but the frequency change leads to usually, a blank screen.

Check frequency setting on receiver - i.e 10847 V 23000 is (currently) BBC1 HD
This is usually accessed with either the 'o.k', 'info' or 'i' buttons.

If screen is blank check links below to see if frequency has changed.

English free to air channels & frequencies

You will need to run a rescan. You can either rescan the single channel frequency or the entire satellite - if you wish to see if there have been any other channel updates. Please refer to the manual supplied with your receiver.

Periodically broadcasters add new free to air content, so running a rescan or tp / transponder scan will allow you to add any new channels to your satellite receiver.